Business Intelligence Solutions & Reporting.

Flexible, scalable, and easy to develop, deploy and use

One of the most common functions of business intelligence is reporting – so much so that the terms are often used interchangeably. Reporting is really the presentation layer of BI, or the interface between the data repositories and the decision-makers. As more employees in a company become responsible for decision-making, easy access to reporting and analysis has become paramount. Companies are moving beyond the notion of static reports for a small subset of users and opening reporting up to knowledge workers.

Reporting for some organizations is akin to manually manipulating data in Excel spreadsheets.

Business intelligence reporting provides.

A variety of interfaces: use a web browser, mobile device, or even embed your reports in portals like SharePoint offering a lot of advantages like:

Flexible look and feel: make your reports reflect your corporate identity

Real-time, direct access to multiple data sources: integrate data from SAP, Oracle, IBM, and more into one report

Exporting & printing: export your reports to PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint or simply print them

Ad-hoc analysis : through a web browser or in Excel .

Advanced charting: pareto charts, bubble graphs, waterfall

Along with that it provides us with the unmatched features like:

Upload Any Data

Securely upload spreadsheets and other tabular data (like CSV, TSV, XLS and HTML files). Or add data directly using a 'Spreadsheet-like' interface

Push data from any application

Push data from hosted or in-house (behind firewall) business applications and databases for reporting and analysis

Visual Analysis

Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards with easy drag-and-drop interface... no IT help required

Collaborative Analysis

Develop reports together with your colleagues. Share with each other for better decision making.

Embed Reports Anywhere

Embed your reports and dashboards across Websites, Blogs and Applications for wider consumption.

Extensible Development Platform

ISVs and Developers can use the powerful development platform to build/integrate reporting and analytical capabilities into their business applications.

Highly Secure

Governed by strong Security Practices, including support for a secure encrypted connection.


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