Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

FMCG industry also known as the Consumer Packaged Goods or CPG Industry, this multi-million dollar sector is made up of an immense range of famous brand names – the kind that we use every single day. These fast moving consumer goods are the essential items we purchase when we go shopping and use in our ordinary lives. They're the household items you pick up when you're buying groceries or visit your local chemist or pharmacy. FMCG goods are referred to as 'fast moving', quite simply, because they're the quickest items to leave the supermarket shelves. They also tend to be the high volume, low cost items.

Cleaning and laundry products, over the counter medicines, personal care items and food stuffs make up a large bulk of the goods in the FMCG arena, but it doesn't end there. Paper products, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, plastic goods, printing and stationery, alcoholic drinks, tobacco and cigarettes can all be considered fast moving consumer goods too.

The top FMCG companies are categorized by their ability to produce the items that are in highest demand by consumers and, at the same time, develop loyalty and trust towards their brands.


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