Need of Supply Chain In FMCG.

A Supply Chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the function of procurement of materials transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products and the distribution of these finished products to customers.

It is the process used by the companies to ensure that their supply chain is efficient and cost effective. .

It also basically a collection steps which a company follows to transform raw materials into finished products the five different stages are Plan Develop Make Deliver and Return Plan. .

A plan or strategy should be developed to address how a given good or service will meet the needs of the customer. A significant portion of the strategy should be on planning in order for the supply chain to be profitable Develop It involves building a strong relationship with suppliers of the raw materials needed in the making the product the company delivers. This stage not only identifying the reliable suppliers but planning for shipping and delivery are also involved. Make In this phase the product is manufactured, tested, packaged and scheduled for delivery, delivering it is the logistics phase the goods ordered by the consumers are delivered according to the delivery plan.

Supply Chain increases the profit by providing us with various flexible options like:

Enhance forecasting techniques in a volatile market.

• Improve collaboration between customers and suppliers to maximize supply chain visibility.

• Align people , processes and technology around a demand driven network.

• Overcome operational silos and engage the extended supply chain.

• Deploy the most effective metrics to proactively drive demand planning performance.


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