Consumer & Services.

Service based businesses are one of the fastest growing segments and as a part of this growing network you need to leverage technology, processes and people efficiently in all key areas of your organizational structure. Quality in service is the driving force for competitive businesses and this would be precursor to entering into strategic partnerships that could help you expand your business. WE helps you do just that by providing a range of services in areas such as,

B2B Services - Advertising, Marketing, PR, Commercial Services

• Full service HRO, Payroll/Admin/Benefits, Transaction/BPO Services

• Professional Services/Information and knowledge-based services Firms

• Manpower/Staffing/Recruitment services

• Other segments such as real estate, trade support services, global charities, UN bodies, education etc.

We provide solutions and services to augment service delivery and increase flexibility for your Business and Consumer Services organization. We provide enhanced quality and speed of services and solutions to your organization and help you improve end customer satisfaction. We leverage our scalable remote delivery model to enable you to outsource integral parts of your business processes or IT services operations off-shore. This gives you the flexibility to focus on other areas of your business and plan the expansion and retention of your market share.

The consumer services sector, which includes facilities management, business process outsourcing, environmental services and human capital services, is vast and complex; the challenges faced however are often common. The key to success in consumer services is your people; being able to create and maintain a collaborative culture and environment where talented individuals can produce their best work is a key differentiator for your business.

The consumer services practice must offer proficiency drawn from teams of specialists who can provide multi-disciplinary solutions to the challenges facing companies in this sector, including; property management and tax strategy, equipment and fleet solutions, outsourcing advisory for back office functions, as well as research and marketing, talent programs and benefits and compensation strategy. They must demonstrate experience in delivering corporate finance, consulting, tax and audit services to key operators in this market, ranging from medium-sized to large multinational companies.


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